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LISBON – Lisbon school district administrators have reported a significant decrease in reports of bullying and harassment over the past school year, calling the district an outlier in the upsurge in cyberbullying cases reported by schools to the nationwide.

Students around the world have seen their screen time increase over the past 15 months due to health and safety guidelines, and with this increase in time spent online, there has been an increase of 70 % of cyberbullying incidents reported according to recent statistics in the United States.

At the June Lisbon Education Council meeting, McKinley Elementary Principal Daniel Kemats commented on the district’s annual reports of harassment, bullying and bullying incidents. Kemats attributed the decrease to the reduction in face-to-face interactions between students.

“The children being distanced and masked, things were very different this year”, Kemats said. He said he hopes the number stays low as students return to their normal habits next year.

The decrease in incidents of bullying is probably the main factor behind the decrease, but the incidents may have been less reported due to students concerned about the stress and anxiety caused by the pandemic. Superintendent Joe Siefke said the district and its students had a lot in mind that could have taken precedence over typical schoolyard jokes.

“Obviously there were fewer reports. We had bigger fish to fry this year than the kids picking on each other ”, said Superintendent Joe Siefke.

In other matters, the district is preparing for the next school year by adding a few new names to its staff roster. The board approved the hiring of David Anderson, professor of mathematics, Ryan Smith, Sarah Devon, intervention specialist of McKinley, William G. Stanton, intervention specialist of David Anderson, Quinlan Ferrier, teacher of step 1 from McKinley and guidance counselor Lynne Beech, whom Siefke described as a life coach for high school students.

The board also approved the resignations of language arts teacher Carlie Beach as of August 1, cafeteria worker Nancy Groff as of July 1, elementary teacher Lindsey Roush as of June 21 and titular teacher Rebecca Cuff starting June 22.

The board also approved:

– An increase in the rate of pay for classified and certified substitutes. Certified substitutes, $ 100 per day; replacement bus drivers, $ 15 per hour; substitute home monitors, $ 20 per hour; substitute caretakers, secretaries, cooks and helpers, $ 8.80 per hour.

– A contract of $ 14,208 per year starting July 1 with Gardiner de Solon for the operational support of heating and cooling systems in the district.

– A three-year $ 8,424 contract with EMS LINQ OneView for maintenance, hosting and support for online registration and forms starting July 1.

– A donation of $ 200 from RAA Data Services to support the 2023 promotion.

– Services as a member of the Coalition of Rural and Appalachian Schools for the next school year in the amount of $ 325.

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