Spinnaker showcases specialist labeling solutions at Labelexpo

Spinnaker Pressure Sensitive Products, LLC, will debut as a Mactac company at Labelexpo Americas 2022 featuring specialty labeling products from Spinnaker and Lintec.

A stand-alone subsidiary of Mactac, which is owned by Lintec, Spinnaker’s business model is centered around custom opportunities in specialty labeling, from custom product offerings to a premium custom service model.

“Our model of specialized products and services is unmatched,” said Joel Ulrich, Senior Director of Marketing at Spinnaker. “This is an exciting time for our organization and we look forward to showcasing all that Spinnaker has to offer at the upcoming Labelexpo show.”

Spinnaker offers a complete line of high quality pressure sensitive rollers. The solutions are designed to help customers’ products stand out and are used in many industries and markets, including pharmaceutical, industrial, cold/frozen food and beverages, and more.

Labelexpo attendees can learn more about the company’s specialty roll products and service model, as well as Lintec specialty products available from Spinnaker, at Spinnaker Booth #747. Product highlights will include:

  • Cryogenic Labels: Designed for harsh environments and temperatures as low as -320°F, these labels withstand exposure to liquid nitrogen, ultra-low freezers, thaw cycles, chemicals and solvents, while providing superior grip and reliable identification. They are used to label test tubes, ampoules, vaccines, vials and slides in medical research, clinical laboratories, pharmaceuticals, fertility clinics and biobanks.
  • CLEAR AND GLOSS RED LABELS: Durable and functional, these labels are designed to withstand extreme environments, from cold and heat to abrasion and chemicals. They are used in durable goods, automotive, electronics, security and other applications and feature Lintec’s popular PAT1 adhesive or a specially formulated empty adhesive in which empty letters appear on the film while removing cleanly.
  • OIL RESISTANT LABELS: Created to provide strong, firm adhesion to smooth or textured oily surfaces, these labels feature an oil-absorbing acrylic adhesive. They create an efficient application process by eliminating any surface degreasing and are ideal for stock labeling of steel or automotive parts and product labeling for cosmetics, food, oiled woods and more.

The Spinnaker service model includes a technical advisory team with extensive knowledge, experience and a passion for responsiveness. The team assists customers with product recommendations, application testing and analysis, sample identification, competitive testing, regulatory and compliance information, training, and general questions.

“We dig deep into each specialist application challenge, providing training, expertise and support until we determine the best solution – and we’re knowledgeable and responsive,” adds Ulrich. “Our technical team works with a sense of urgency because in today’s world, we know that our customers, and their customers, need quick answers and solid recommendations. Anyone who stops by our booth will get a glimpse of what makes Spinnaker such a great business partner.


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