[SPONSORED] 100 years of Anton Paar: top quality products, optimized processes and a century of experience


For 100 years, Anton Paar has combined high-precision technology, scientific curiosity and a thirst for research.

By Anton Parar

High-end instruments for modern laboratories from a single source

While Anton Paar density meters are known worldwide for their speed and accuracy, the Austrian brand has established a complete range of instruments that covers all the needs of a modern laboratory: spectrometers, X-ray diffractometers and analyzers from particle size to density meters, indentation testers, viscometers and rheometers, the range offers exceptional accuracy and reproducibility to support various types of pioneering research and quality control in laboratories around the world.

Anton Parar

In addition, for more than 50 years, Anton Paar has also been developing and producing process instrumentation solutions for density, viscosity, O2CO2and refractive index measurement for various industries.

In development, manufacturing, distribution and service, Anton Paar follows the principle of unbeatable quality. That’s why all critical mechanical parts are produced in-house at our high-tech production facilities in Austria. Over the decades, Anton Paar has built a reputation as a manufacturer of the most accurate and high performance analytical products. That’s why 99 of the world’s top 100 universities trust instruments made by Anton Paar.

We have created a dedicated area on our website where you can discover our 100 year old stories, with continuously updated content.

Click here to celebrate our 100 yearsand anniversary with us and discover how we think the unthinkable to create the exceptional.

market leader

For 100 years, Anton Paar has combined high-precision technology, scientific curiosity and a thirst for research. Today it is the global market leader in the areas of density and concentration measurement, rheometry and CO2 the measure. Many of the world’s largest companies – not only in the production of beer, wine and soft drinks, but also in pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, as well as in the manufacture of chocolate and screens for mobile phones – rely on the technical know-how and instruments of the Anton Paar Group.

Anton Paar GmbH has 45 sister companies and sales subsidiaries, as well as 50 business partners, and operates in more than 110 countries worldwide.

“Talent, commitment and inner cohesion, in times of success as well as in difficult times, have always distinguished us and our company,” says CEO Friedrich Santner. “With these strengths, we confidently enter the second century of our history.”

Charitable organisation

The private non-profit Santner Foundation has owned the company since 2003. The foundation has two purposes: the promotion of non-profit science and research, and the prevention of drug addiction and the support of projects to fight against it. against drug addiction.


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