Sustainable compressed air production is the key to the future of the industry

Sustainable compressed air production is the key to the future of the industry

With a large percentage of Australian manufacturing, processing and engineering industries relying on compressed air to power their production lines and pressurized tools, the conventional air compressors of yesterday simply use too much. energy to meet demand.

Compressed air operators must look to new compressor technologies capable of sustaining or increasing production demand while reducing input energy costs. In most cases, the savings can more than pay for the capital investment in new machines in a relatively short period of time. Electricity consumption is a significant cost throughout the life of a compressor; It is therefore important to consider the life cycle cost of a compressed air system when evaluating productivity improvements.

The latest air compressors from Kaishan Australia, part of the global Kaishan Group, have improved energy input / air power ratios in favor of industry sustainability for years to come.

PMV rotary screw compressors

Kaishan’s Variable Frequency Permanent Magnet (PMV) technology combines the built-in systemic optimization of the compressor unit with an advanced permanent magnet motor, SKY compressor block and fast response variable speed drive. As a result, the smaller permanent magnet synchronous torque motor requires much less power to drive an efficient high-tech compressor while generating more power than equivalent conventional compressors.

Rare earth technology makes the permanent magnet motor more energy efficient compared to conventional induction motors. PM synchronous torque motors provide faster acceleration and deceleration, a great advantage in compressor applications as they can vary the output quickly to meet application demands.

Integrated variable speed control means the compressor operates only at the immediate demand level, reducing both input energy requirements, machine wear and maintenance. These advanced air compressors offer efficiency and performance in a rugged unit that guarantees good durability and reliability. Innovative design and precision engineering incorporate the latest compressed air technologies to achieve energy standards exceeding international expectations.

2-stage advanced rotary screw compressors

Kaishan 2-stage industrial rotary screw air compressors use the latest technology to provide the operating power to major industries around the world. With capacities from 18.5 to 400 kW, krsp 2-stage air compressors are designed and manufactured to provide maximum air output, while saving on input energy bills. Combined with variable speed control, savings of over 50% compared to conventional compressors can be achieved.

Advanced energy-saving technology is also incorporated into the company’s range of compact compressors for small-industry and shop-floor applications, including tank-mounted rotary screw and “orbital technology” scroll models.

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