Take a trip to Bullion Chocolate and explore the cocoa bean process


If you’re a chocolate addict, take a trip to Chocolate with ingots for a chocolate dream.

Based on Kelham Island, their tours will introduce you to the world of the cocoa bean and everything you need to create the perfect bar. It starts from Bullion’s passion to discover and unleash the “hidden gold” of cocoa: the distinct nuances of flavor – the terroir – that beans from carefully selected farms can produce.

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Take a trip to the Bullion Chocolate Factory and learn more about chocolate (Picture: pixabay)

This visit will also give you the opportunity to taste chocolate. After your tasting session, you will be taken to the Bullion coffee bar and gift shop based at Cutlery Works, just a 5 minute walk around the corner from the factory.

Here, we’ll let you relax and enjoy a complimentary cup of our delicious Ecuadorian drinking chocolate (or your choice of drink), completing your Bean-to-Bar tour and tasting experience!

Their “bean to bar” method has eight steps that turn coca beans into finished chocolate bars. Apart from making the product delicious and sweet, it sets them apart from other companies and makes them unique.

Cocoa beans go through several stages to make a quality and unique chocolate

The steps include: selecting specific beans and sorting them, roasting the beans to ensure they are safe to eat, and cracking the beans. Next, the beans go through a thorough grinding process before being ripened and then tempered. Finally, the chocolates are carefully packaged and put on sale.

Max Chocolatier at Bullion Chocolate

Max said: “I had the idea of Chocolate with ingots six years ago. Following in the footsteps of craft beer and craft coffee, I wanted to make quality chocolate.

Now we supply retailers across the country and have our own factory and coffee bar. In addition, we have a bakery that produces quality food.”


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