The 10 best food gifts for families in 2021



Here’s the thing about food gifts during the holidays: They get used all year round – and when people use them, they think about the person who gave the gift (that’s you! 🥰). It doesn’t matter who you’re wrapping gifts for, a food gift voucher is a sure-fire way to bring joy to their kitchen.

This holiday season, forget about the printed coffee mug, tongue-in-cheek tee, and beer of the month subscription (these are all solid giveaways, but we’ve got better ideas!). Kitchen gifts and gadgets are more personal, more memorable, and more fun.

We’ve rounded up this year’s best festive and family kitchen gifts that will put a smile on all the gourmet and budding chefs on your sweet list through 2022.

Whether you’re looking for gifts for a family of chefs or people who just love food (LOL, who doesn’t?), There’s something for you on this list. Here’s what we were looking for when searching for the perfect foodie gifts:

  • Affordability. No need to break the bank to delight a whole family. All of our freebies cost less than $ 100 and most of them are much cheaper.
  • Busy for parents. Parents are BUSY. A good gift should help make their life easier, more comfortable or more fun. We’ve made sure to include gifts that meet at least one of these criteria.
  • Welcomes children. We also made sure to provide a few freebies where the whole family including the kids can get involved in the fun.

Ideal for dessert lovers

StarBlue Churros Maker

If you’re unfamiliar with this crispy dessert, imagine an elephant ear had a baby with a crispy baguette. This inexpensive gadget makes it easy to prepare them in eight different models. Children and adults alike will certainly enjoy this sweet cinnamon treat.

It’s the perfect gift for anyone on your list who enjoys sweet and / or fried foods (so… basically everyone). They can experiment with different recipes and bring their delicious creations to your next family reunion.

Ideal for connoisseurs of hot sauce

Williams Sonoma Hot Sauce Prep Kit

We all know someone who could be a little * too * in the hot sauce. They carry a bottle with them, know the difference between a ghost pepper and a serrano by smell, and have strong opinions on the differences between Dave’s, Valentina and Cholula.

This gift prepares them to brew their own, including all the ingredients and instructions needed to create a half gallon of their own personal blend. The kit makes it easy for the whole family to get involved – and they can even use ingredients from their own garden.

Ideal for busy parents

Daily Recipe Calendar Delish

Exactly what it sounds like, this flip-per-day calendar features a revolutionary new recipe taken from the most popular pages of a popular gourmet website. It offers 365 recipes for snacks, apps and even cocktails in a convenient format.

Some examples: grilled pineapple sundaes, all bagel popcorn, and spicy grapefruit frittata. You can buy just one or register your giveaway for an annual subscription so that it will get a new year every holiday season.

Great for green thumbs

Fast Growing Calamondin Citrus Tree

A calamondin is a small citrus fruit (much like a tangerine) that grows on a tree small enough to stay indoors. Trees often produce fruit in the first year, and having one in a pot means it can survive in any climate, delivering sweet and tart fruit every year.

It’s a fun addition to any indoor plant collection. In addition, harvesting the fruits is a very rewarding way to teach toddlers how to care for plants.

Best cookbook

Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat: Mastering the elements of good cooking by Samin Nosrat

This award-winning cookbook inspired the popular Netflix series of the same name. Its simple, modular approach to the four essentials of cooking is a delicious guide for any chef, whether he’s watched the series or not. It sums up (pun intended) the basic ideas of the show to help anyone improve their cooking mojo.

Best sentimental gift

Tea towels BlueMountainBags Personalized Recipes

These personalized tea towels are super sentimental and practical at the same time. Send BlueMountainBags any recipe – your grandma’s famous Chicken Noodle Soup, your child’s favorite cookies, or a dinner staple in your house – and they’ll send you two napkins printed in your own handwriting (or of your grandmother’s!).

They obviously take a little more effort than some of the other items on this list, but the juice is definitely worth the squeeze on this one.

Best under $ 10

Raw honeycomb 7Bahar

People will be absolutely amazed when you add raw honeycomb to your deli spread before dinner. Pair it with mascarpone cheese and toasted baguette and you’ll have guaranteed crowd enjoyment with minimal effort (and money) required.

Ideal for bakers

Split Decision Professional Metal Non-Stick Chicago Pie Pan

Why did humans take so long to come up with this idea? We’ll never know. Chicago Metallic’s Shared Decision Pie Pan means you’ll never have to choose between pecan and pumpkin pie again. The center insert allows you to make two different pies in one pan, which means more variety and less food waste. Win-win !!

Best for kids

Thames and Kosmos candy chemistry kit

This kit gives kids the chance to learn about chemistry while making rock candies, gelatin bears and chocolates. This is ideal for any child over 3 years old – they can do experiments to learn science principles and eat the results when it’s over. YUM.

Ideal for new parents

Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug 2

This The mug can keep a hot drink at the exact preferred temperature all day. It is controlled by the app and relies on a wireless charging coaster. It’s an amazing gift for just about anyone, but it’s perfect for the new parents in your life who need to microwave their coffee eight times a day because parenting is. hard.



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