The Best Foods to Take When You’re Feeling Sick in Edmonton


Feeling low and need to find the best things to pick up when you feel sick in Edmonton?

No matter what time of year, getting sick sucks. So when you feel a tickle in the back of your throat, you need to act fast.

Luckily, there are tons of places in YEG with items that will help you crush that chill and get back to your normal self.

We’re not talking about over-the-counter medications — we’re talking about vitamin- and veggie-rich superfood concoctions designed to combat those pesky sniffles.

Here are the best things to pick up in Edmonton when you’re sick.

Fresh squeezed juice

Neo Juicery

It’s hard to beat a freshly squeezed juice when you’re feeling sick, and the ones from Neo Juicery are some of the best in Edmonton.

Specializing in cold-pressed juices and elixirs, Neo Juicery uses ingredients from organic farming to manufacture its products. With juices designed for all types of moods, needs and tastes, it’s about as fast as it is healthy on the go.

Address: 10062 151st Street NW, Edmonton


Spicy Beef Sate Pho

Pho Hoan Pastor

This Vietnamese fusion house has locations in Edmonton and Calgary serving up savory soup starters since 2005. Try their house special beef noodle soup for something classic, or their spicy beef pho with peanuts for something with a little more spice.

The spice might do you good to help clear those sinuses.

Address: 11443 Kingsway Avenue NW, Edmonton
Call: 780-761-1989

Address: 9621 167th Avenue NW, Edmonton
Call: 780-476-1116

Address: 6566 28th Avenue NW, Edmonton
Call: 780-761-1989

Address: 16948 107th Avenue NW, Edmonton
Call: 780-444-8923


Mocha with mushrooms

The Moth Cafe

Just because you’re sick doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a latte in the morning.

At Moth Cafe, which is also readily available for delivery, there are a number of healthy options. Mushroom Mocha contains 2 shots of espresso, mushroom cocoa, coconut blend and a milk of your choice.

What morning coffee sounds healthier than this?

Address: 9449 Jasper Avenue, Edmonton


Super Greens Salad

dirty belly

Dirtbelly offers hot bowls, sweet sips, and plenty of sides, but it’s the freshly made salads that have made this spot so popular.

If you’re feeling sick, this vegetarian menu of earthy gems is ideal, with eight different salads with tantalizing names, such as charred pesto, buffalo cabbage, curried cauliflower and farm berry salads. You can choose any of these bowls and also add your protein of choice, including roast chicken, Cajun chicken, avocado, veggie patty, ahi tuna, or quinoa ball.

For maximum health, we suggest the Super Greens salad mixed with arugula, spinach, quinoa, roasted broccoli, feta, cranberries, pumpkin seeds, almonds, chili flakes and drizzled with a dijon lemon vinaigrette.

Address: 5015 111th Street NW #921, Edmonton


Chamomile and lemon tea

Acquired Taste Tea

This is a modern teahouse that has been operating in Edmonton for over 20 years.

There are SO many teas to suit your feelings, but it’s hard to beat high-quality chamomile when you’re sick and having trouble falling asleep because of it. Go for the classic or try the lemon flavored type.

Address: 10122 124th Street, Edmonton



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