The best soup makers in 2022: From kitchen blenders to Instant Pots


There is a chill in the air and the leaves are falling (or have fallen). This can only mean one thing: why, it’s soup season, of course! There’s nothing more satisfying than holding a warm bowl of deliciously flavored soup on a windy or cold day. And there’s never been a better time in human history to make soup at home, because there are so many options that will more or less do the soup for you. (And often they can do at least one other thing. Usually more.) Soup makers are all the rage, so we’ve researched the ones that are right for almost every type of soup lover. .

Although it’s fairly easy to make soup the traditional way – on the stovetop in a saucepan or dutch oven – it can take six to eight hours to cook using this method. You need to simmer your soup over low heat in order to blend the complex flavors together. The same goes for making a batch of soup in your slow cooker. That said, there have been some impressive advancements in technology over the past few years, which means you can now enjoy gallons of delicious homemade soup in minutes of cooking time.

What are soup makers and why are they popular?

Soup makers are fast and quick gadgets that can be a real lifesaver when it comes to getting a hot bowl of soup on the table. They allow you to create flavor-packed soups without having to plan hours ahead or hang around the house while the soup simmers on the stove. You can enjoy delicious soup in minutes, even on the coldest days with the best soup makers.

What types of soup makers are there?

Whether you’re a fan of smooth soup, thick soup, creamy soup, heavy soup or stew, there’s a soup maker to fit the bill. Here are different types of soup makers. (And while you’re in the kitchen, why not whip up a fresh loaf of bread to go with your soup using one of these best bread makers?)

Multifunction cookers

Some of the most popular (and easiest to use) soup cookers are multi-cookers. This includes models of Instant Pot, Ninja and others. They are a popular choice because they not only allow you to make soup, but also chili, beans, rice, yogurt, smoothies, slow cook, and more. A single multi-function soup maker will eliminate the need for multiple gadgets, saving you space in your kitchen and putting more money back in your wallet.

Kitchen mixers

Cooking mixers are mixers which can heat their contents. This is done either by a heating element inside the mixer or simply by friction. This type of soup maker includes options such as the Cuisinart soup maker and the Vitamix blender.

Soup appliances

Dedicated soup makers, sometimes referred to as kettle soup makers, are another very popular category of soup makers. The Drew & Cole Soup Chef, Wonderchef Automatic Soup Maker, Tefal Easy Soup, and Morphy Richards Soup Maker are all great popular options, however, they’re not easy to find in the US, so we don’t have them. not included in our list of best soup makers. (Don’t worry, we found other quality choices easier to find.) Many of these devices can also be used to make smoothies or homemade nut milk, as a bonus.

How long does soup stay hot in a soup maker?

Your soup will stay hot for at least 30 minutes in a soup maker. Most soup makers have a keep warm feature that will keep your soup at a safe temperature for a period of time. The best soup maker on our list – the Instant Pot Duo – automatically switches to a “warm” setting when it’s done cooking, keeping food at a safe temperature for up to 10 hours! This makes it easy to get your soup ready to cook in the morning so you can enjoy a bowl for lunch or dinner.

Is it okay to put hot water in a soup maker?

Nope! Never put boiling water in your soup maker. This could damage the inner body and lead to leaks. Let your soup maker heat up on its own. It will have its own built-in temperature settings and sensors to help keep everything safe and keep the device running smoothly.

Can you put uncooked ingredients in a soup maker?

Yes, you can put raw ingredients like chicken, vegetables and rice in a soup maker. The soup maker will cook everything thoroughly – you don’t have to worry! The whole point of a soup maker is that it allows you to make soup easily, and eliminating multiple cooking steps is just one way to do that. However, if you want to brown your meat before adding it to a soup maker, that’s perfectly fine. Always follow the soup recipe and manufacturer’s directions for use to ensure the best (and tastiest) fresh soup.

What types of soups can I make in a soup maker?

You can make endless variations of soup in a soup maker – tomato soup, cilantro soup, chicken soup, potato soup – even cold soup like gazpacho. Many soup makers allow you to make other foods besides soup, including ice cream, frozen drinks, and baby food.

What makes a good soup maker?

In order to find the best soup maker for your needs, you must first determine how much soup you want to cook. Those making soup for families should opt for a model with a larger capacity, while those cooking for just one or two can get by with a smaller capacity soup maker. A typical serving for one person is 13 ounces.

Next, consider the speed of your soup maker. While most modern soup makers have reduced soup preparation time from six to eight hours to an hour or less, some can make soup in as little as 10 to 15 minutes. If being able to enjoy soup quickly is important to you, look for a model that cooks in less time. (You can also try cutting the ingredients into smaller pieces, about half an inch, which will help them cook faster.)

Another thing that makes a soup maker a good choice is whether or not it has multiple functions. Some soup makers are best for thick soups, while others are best for those who prefer a smooth puree. In addition to soup, some make smoothies or plant and nut milks, jam or yogurt – and can even be used sous vide! A multi-function soup maker will save you space in the kitchen while allowing you to easily prepare a variety of dishes.

Finally, consider how easy it is to clean your soup maker. Most models have removable inserts that are dishwasher safe for convenient cleaning. If your soup tureen has blades inside, be sure to use a brush or cloth to clean the inside and avoid cutting your hands on the blades.

With the above information in mind, here are eight of the best soup makers to cook the most delicious hot soup at home without working in the kitchen all day.


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