Toast the planet with cocktails for a cause with Copalli rum


While Earth Day brings sustainability and eco-forward initiatives into the conversation, the ideas don’t disappear when the calendar page turns. The seeds of change are planted and beginning to take root. For Copalli Rum, Cocktails for a Cause is more than just a reason to have another drink. It’s a reason to keep this bottle on the shelf and come back to it again and again.

Over the years, businesses have sought to connect with people over common interests. While some drinks can fit a particular lifestyle or capture the moment, others seek to make a bigger connection. When a cause unites people, change can happen.

Located in the rainforest of southern Belize, the Copal Tree Distillery invites nature to influence the rum it produces. Bringing together organic sugar cane, pure canopy water and yeast, this bottle proves that simplicity makes for a memorable sip.

At the same time, it’s more than just delicious rum. Since the distillery is designed to be carbon neutral, the company proves that business and nature can be partners in solidarity.

Since Earth Day brings environmental concerns to the forefront of the conversation, Copalli Rum wants to spark a conversation about sustainability and more, which is why he’s hosting Cocktails for a Cause.

Like Mark Breene, CEO, Copalli USA. “This program – in honor of Earth Day – is a great opportunity to engage consumers and our partners in both on and off-site locations while reinforcing the importance of being environmentally responsible.”

At various locations in California, Florida and New York, cocktails for a cause will be presented. Using Copalli Rum White, Barrel Rested or Cacao, libations will be served with a QR code that explains the program and its associated beneficiaries. For more information on this program and participating locations, please brand website.

And, if there’s no place near you, consider serving your own cocktails for a cause. While Copalli Rum will donate $2 for each cocktail to its various charities, anyone can seek to make a change. Just supporting a carbon neutral distillery, like this one, is a step in helping the planet.

This Earth Day, participate in Cocktails for a Cause. Change takes root and can happen one glass at a time.


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