Webinar discusses how wellness companies can confront human rights issues in supply chains head-on and meet ethical consumer demands

June 7, 2022

DISCOVERING THE HUMAN COST OF WELLBEING: A webinar for the wellbeing sector organized by the Fairtrade Foundation, featuring perspectives from Mumanu and Liberation Foods, will aim to encourage companies to address human rights issues in their supply chain and to meet consumer demand for products that are free from exploitation. Panel companies will share examples of their individual sustainability journeys and the impact achieved with farmers through their partnership

Fairtrade webinar looking at how companies can be fairer to producers of popular wellness ingredients like nuts, shea, cocoa butter and olive oil they source

Taking place on June 16, the 45-minute session will be packed with advice on how to build credibility, trust and value for businesses large or small beginning their sustainability journey. They will learn how industry peers are tackling some of the challenges, through the lens of three major issues – demand, the climate crisis and income security.

Delegates will also hear about the consumer appeal of Fairtrade and how it can help businesses achieve their sustainability goals through a combination of certification, licensing and communication tools.

Meanwhile, representing farmers, Tomy Mathews, cashew farmer and trader/exporter from Kerala, India, will share his views on how, despite the growing global demand for cashew nuts, farmers and workers too often struggle to earn a decent living. He will also discuss the dangers farmers face when harvesting and how Fairtrade works with farmers to overcome these challenges.

The free webinar will take place on Thursday, June 16.

Anna Barker, Head of Responsible Business at the Fairtrade Foundation, said:

“After the disappointment of COP26, buyers are increasingly looking to companies to act on their ethical and social concerns.”

“We are delighted to now be able to facilitate this through our FSI certification model and to offer Fairtrade ingredients to some of the smallest and most specialized products, allowing us to support some of these key supply chains globally. within the cosmetics, beauty and wellness industry. combined with the growing effect of climate change, has put pressure on low-income farmers around the world, and many fear they will be further marginalized by the economic downturn in the months ahead, so any support we can bring to them couldn’t come at a better time.”

The full list of speakers will include:

  • Deborah Grell, Supply Chain Manager at Liberation Foods
  • Sam Thurlby-Brooks, Managing Director of Mumanu
  • Tomy Mathews, Managing Director of Elements and Cashew Farmer, Fairtrade Alliance of Kerala
  • Anna Barker, Head of Responsible Business at the Fairtrade Foundation

Moderated by Will Browning, Head of Partnership Development at the Fairtrade Foundation

The webinar will take place on Thursday, June 16 at (11:00-11:45 GBT)

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