What to include and what to ignore


The scorching summer heat could wear you down and rob the body of essential minerals and nutrients. Having a cold glass of cold drink or a soft drink would make you feel better for a short time. However, medical experts and dieticians say that the summer diet should not put extra strain on the body. There is a long list of foods that should be eaten to replenish your body. Likewise, there are a few that shouldn’t be on your menu during the summer season.

Foods that increase body temperature

Even though the traditional eating habits of Kerala do not take into account the changing seasons and weather conditions, dieticians advise avoiding foods that increase body temperature during summer. It is essential to take the necessary precautions against summer illnesses and extreme exhaustion. Excessive sweating could make your clothes damp, which could then become a breeding ground for bacteria. So, the body should be made strong and resilient through proper diet and lifestyle changes. In order to reduce body heat, the body lowers the functioning of internal functions. So it would reduce the appetite. It is best to include foods that are lighter on the stomach and easy to digest in your regular diet.

Fruits and vegetables

Remember to eat plenty of sweet, watery fruits to beat the summer heat. Watermelons can be enjoyed daily to replenish the body. Dishes made from rice, wheat and mung beans should be eaten. Not too greasy soups are a nutritious and healthy dish. Vegetables like tomatoes, bitter gourd, snake gourd, lady finger, eggplant and cucumbers are perfect for the summer season. However, potatoes, cassava, Chinese potato and garlic should only be eaten in moderation. Mung beans, urad dal and toor dal could help reduce body heat. Meanwhile, kidney beans, chickpeas, and sesame seeds could cause your body heat to skyrocket during the summer. Fruits like mangoes, bananas, grapes, tender coconut and small bananas can be eaten every day. Summer is the time to take it easy on meat, fatty foods and fast food. Be sure to say “no” to intoxicating drinks like alcohol.

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To drink a lot of water

It is said that a healthy adult should drink at least 8 glasses of water a day to stay hydrated. However, during the summer, you have to go up to at least 12 glasses a day to avoid water loss. It is next to fruits, juices or tea/coffee that we consume in a day. Ice cream, chocolate, tea, coffee and other cold drinks are to be avoided. Be sure to drink boiled and cooled water. Herbs like vetiver, sappan wood, sandalwood, and Indian sarapilla could be added to drinking water to give it medicinal benefits. Storing drinking water in earthen pots is a natural way to cool it. Refreshing drinks like buttermilk, lassi and tender coconut water are great in the summer. These incredible drinks are guaranteed to replenish the body with essential minerals and nutrients that are lost through sweat.

The seven-day summer food calendar.  (Photo:IANSLIFE)


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