Why Cher comes for Nestlé Almonds on Twitter


As a California resident, Cher isn’t very happy with Nestlé right now. On Sunday August 21, the musician share an excerpt from a 2021 article by The Guardian on Twitter. History records that Nestlé uses far more water from California springs than allowed to grow its almonds; its allocation is 2.3 million gallons of water per year, but a survey found the company actually used 53 million gallons in 2020.

In a second tweet, Cher shared another snippet online claiming that a single almond requires 1.1 gallons of water to grow. Due to an ongoing drought in California, the singer disagrees with Nestlé tapping into state sources. “FOR HOW LONG DID OUR GOVERNMENTS, MAYORS, SENATORS, CONGRESS LET CALIF BE DRAINED?” she wrote. “I [LOVE] ALMONDS, GROW THEM INTO A DIFFERENT STATE WITH LOTSA WATER… BOYCOTT ALL NESTLE PRODUCTS.”

Together, Cher’s tweets racked up around 5,000 likes, which isn’t the best PR for Nestlé. The “Half Breed” singer isn’t the only one taking it out on the manufacturer for his water consumption; Last year, California’s State Water Resources Control Board sent Nestlé a cease-and-desist letter regarding its depletion of local streams for bottled water (via The New York Times).


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