Why do women hate their bodies?


“Women are brainwashed into hating their bodies,” actress Emma Thompson said during a press conference at the Berlin Film Festival recently. The Hollywood A-lister was promoting her latest movie ‘Good luck to you Leo Grande’ Emma’s honesty about her feelings about her body has struck a deal with 11-1 presenter Sinéad Brassil

I was a teenager when my feelings of hatred towards my body surfaced, I remember running away from a clothing store in tears as I desperately tried and failed to fit into a tight dress that would never close. I needed to feel good, my prom was coming up and even though I admitted I had indulged in too much chocolate and chips (I needed fuel to graduate studies), I gasped in horror as my body no longer fit in my usual size and I needed to try on dresses that were several sizes larger than before. We’ve all been there, wanting our bodies to fit the clothes that manufacturers decided to use as “standard sizes”. This disgust with my body continued into adulthood despite losing weight and toning up my “problem areas”, there is always something to improve.

Although things are changing within the fashion industry, we are seeing more and more women of all shapes and sizes represented on the catwalks and wearing well-known brands, we still have a long way to go, like c It was wonderful to hear Hollywood A list star award winner actress Emma Thompson explain how uncomfortable she was being confronted with her naked, untouched body in a scene from her new movie ‘Good Luck To You Leo Grande”. Thompson said she found it difficult to stand and look at herself fully naked in the mirror face like many women, she was “brainwashed to hate” her body.

Why do women mostly have so much shame and hatred related to their bodies? Sure, we can blame our obsession with diet culture, celebrities, the media and now social media for pushing ‘perfect’ bodies into our faces, bombarding us with filtered images we’ll never fit into, but This idea of ​​a woman’s body needing to look a certain way dates back to the early 1900s, as House of Color’s 11-1 image consultant Maria Macklin explained on the show. of today.


*Maria Macklin House of Color*

The advent of indoor bathrooms equipped with mirrors as well as scales and the shift from custom-made clothing in individual homes to large-scale clothing manufacturing have contributed to women feeling, as has said Thompson, that their body was wrong.

In Maria’s line of work, she explained that in every consultation with new clients, negative discussions about body shape and size are common, but she has four tips to help us regain confidence and love the skin in which we are.

1 Change our language, stop using a bigger size, this is all negative, the way you talk to yourself will change your behavior, so change the negative talk to more loving language

2 The fit of clothes is more important than the number on the tag, we are so engrossed with this number that a manufacturer decided what is our size, forget the number, focus on the fit

3 Honor your curves, we want to see your size, don’t hide it.

4 Softer bodies look better in softer clothes choose softer fabrics that flow and cling in all the right places.

While it’s going to take some time for me and women in general to feel confident and happy in their own bodies with all of their wonderful features, I’m going to take Maria’s advice into consideration and also what a regular listener has says ‘After 50 years of hating my body I’m now at the stage where I’m happy with the skin I’m in, it’s just a shame I wasted so much time and energy hating it for so long’


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