You can still get your hands on some of your favorite ’90s snacks



Lots of people give major props to ’90s snacks, when some iconic brands have retired, you might just be doing a happy dance when you see how many of your favorite school snacks are still available today.

Whether you’re planning school lunches for your own kids or wanting to indulge in some sweet nostalgia, we’ve rounded up the best ’90s treats you can buy online. Check out our favorites, from Gushers to Fruit Wraps.

The first to start the list is Gushers.

The thing I remember most about them was the weird ad that when kids ate them, their heads would turn into giant pieces of fruit. The brand even resurrected its famous “mystery flavor” campaign earlier this year.

Waffle crisp

There is so much great ’90s cereal out there, but Waffle Crisp has always been a favorite. And, thankfully, it’s still available for purchase on Amazon.

Baby Bottle Pops

I find Baby Bottle Pops a little weird, but hey, if you want one, go for it. Old Time Candy still sells them.

Rainbow colored fruit rolls

Fruit Roll-Up was one of the most memorable kid’s snacks of the 90s. It was first launched in the early 80s and by the 90s it had grown into a monster thanks to General Mills and Betty Crocker. .

Push Pop

It became a trend with kids in the 90s. Not only was a Push Pop cheap, but it was so tasty too.

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